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Quantity Surveyors can easily take into use FastQS to create estimates and takeoff, savings in time and resources, reducing risks with greater accuracy, faster bidding and takeoff turnaround to win more business.

Quick and accurate takeoff creation 

Try FastQS and see for yourself why contractors and their quantity surveyors are saving 80% of their time when creating estimates, winning more bids with the faster turnaround and protecting their margins through greater accuracy.

Get started!

Get the project started! Contact us and receive log in details for your free trial. Log in, create a new project.


Import. Upload a single file or multiple files (your existing 2D PDF drawings), no need to purchase expensive BIM files.


Takeoffs. Use the polygon drawing tool, set the plan's  measurement scale,  change units, create labels, zoom in and out.


Reporting and documentation.  Export editable spreadsheets to customise your Bill of Materials, prepare pricing quotations and support your winning bid!


Created by construction industry veterans and experienced software developers so as a contractor you can ease your takeoff and estimation process.



Sign up for a free trial and experience FastQS for yourself. No obligation or payment details required. Feedback is always welcome and help is on hand. Pricing will based on the number of users and projected projects for a low barrier to get started and scalable across your organisation.

You can also view some basic tutorials at our YouTube channel here.

We worked closely with the team at FastQS, with our QS team typically under pressure, the time invested to test and give feedback as more than be rewarded, not only with taking a fifth of the time to create takeoff and estimates but also enabling faster bids, and removing the risk of "missed" costs and other human based errors.

Quantity Surveyor time saving of 80% and avoiding costly mistakes

High end residential house builder


Please use the contact form to sign up for a free trial or for any other enquiry.


Contractors and construction industry professionals across many trades, different stages in the supply chain, large and small firms can benefit from creating plans, takeoff and estimates in FastQS. Whether you are into  commercial property, residential house builders, public and private, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, piping, fabrication, re-bar, tiling, structural steel, HVAC, painting, civil engineering, quantity surveyors,  architects, project managers get in touch for a free trial.

Your free trial starts here...

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